A Shanghainese Used to Support HK Police Now Feeling Karma

According to Taiwan media’s reporting on April 15, a Shanghai netizen recently posted on Weibo a video showing the Shanghai police beating residents of an upscale International Community. His name is “Guai-Guai-Long-Di-Dong”, translated into English, “Oh-My-Lord”. Let’s just call him “Dong”. In fury, Dong reprimanded the police’s action by questioning “…is this STILL the police for the people?”

After seeing Dong’s blog, some netizens have found out that Dong used to support the violent actions done by the Hong Kong police during the Anti Extradition Movement in Hong Kong in 2019. The Hong Kong police acted brutally and excessively against the unarmed Hong Kong people, including children. Dong was found to have retweeted those supportive statements written by the brainwashed “little Pinks” who support the Hong Kong police. The quote reads, “I support the Hong Kong police. You may now feel free to act out on me.”

But recently, in the name of “fighting the Pandemic”, Dong’s whole community was forcibly expropriated as a quarantine site, giving rise to strong resistance from the residents of the neighborhood. In response to this resistance, the Shanghai police acted violently in the name of “order maintenance.” This time around, Dong could not help but expressed his anger on his blog towards the police’s violent actions.

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