Miles Guo Exposes Three Atrocities Since Xi-Jinping Taking Power

During his live broadcast on April 10, Miles Guo revealed that since taking power, Xi Jinping has carefully planned three atrocities that have brought unprecedented disasters to the Chinese people.

First, Xi Jinping used Wang Qishan to eliminate political enemies in the name of anti-corruption. Then he used the conflicts among party factions to get rid of the influences from Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and others. The next step is to purge China’s wealthy oligarchs. At his behest, Chinese oligarchs such as Jack Ma, Peter Ma, Pony Ma, Shi Yuzhu, and so on, have been imprisoned or died one after another.

Xi’s final step is to eliminate celebrities. Xi believes that celebrities are unseen risks that might cause trouble everywhere. Xi also believes he should be the only person in China allowed to speak freely,and any other voice shall not be tolerated. Xi Jinping has truly become a dictator.

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