Shanghai’s Military Aims at Eliminating the Elderly

The city’s lockdown by the Shanghai military administration is eliminating the elderly. To maintain the world’s highest “stability funding” and “military spending,” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has reduced the burden of health care and pensions and killed the elderly covertly.Since the lockdown of Shanghai, the number of non–virus deaths has increased, and the damage of secondary disasters has far exceeded the pandemic itself.

Miao Xiaohui, retired vice president of the Changzheng Hospital affiliated with the Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, pointed out that the 16th day of the home quarantine in Pudong was two days longer than the most prolonged incubation periods for the virus, which were 14 days. The 11th day in Puxi, which was also longer than the most extended incubation period of seven days, was four days longer. In the past three days, the daily increase has exceeded 20,000, completely breaking through the spread of infectious diseases and the law of time and space under draconian control. Many critically ill are elderly patients, and recent reports of additional deaths have been mounting.

Facts have proved what Miles Guo stated; the Chinese Communist Party is eliminating the elderly.Communist-ruled China is in an economic recession, the treasury is empty, and revenues are not enough to cover expenses. The CCP squeezes most of the people’s hard-earned money through harsh taxes every year, with a significant portion of the funds to maintain “stability.” The CCP is currently unable to make ends meet due to the economic recession and population aging. The amount of medical care and pensions, initially minimal, is under a heavy burden.

The Chinese Communist State uses killing the elderly to reduce the burden of health care and pensions to have enough money for “stability.”

The cities of Communist China are deeply aging. It is why the CCP wants to isolate cities. Quarantine control is to kill the elderly covertly. Mr. Guo said that Beijing would also be locked down and quarantined, and it will be even worse than Shanghai.

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