11 Members Of Swedish Parliament and European Parliament Visit Taiwan

Taiwan media reported on April 10 that the joint delegation of Swedish and European parliamentarians touched down at Taoyuan International Airport on a Turkish Airlines flight at 5:23 pm local time to visit Taiwan from the 10th to the 14th.

The delegation was pressured by the CCP Embassy in Sweden before its departure. The CCP Embassy sent a letter to the members of the delegation re-affirming the CCP’s so-called “one-China” principle, stating that their visit to Taiwan would be a serious violation of Sweden’s foreign policy and a breach of its political commitment to the CCP, and strongly requesting that the members of the delegation cancel the trip.

However, this pressure has strengthened their resolve to visit Taiwan. In response to the recent development of cooperative relations between Russia and China,the head of the mission Charlie Weimers suggested that it is time for the EU and its member nations to actively develop friendly relations with Taiwan. For its part, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is confident that the joint mission will deepen the friendly relations between Taiwan and Sweden, as well as between Taiwan and the EU.

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