Former US Secretary of State Pompeo calls for the Biden Administration To Intensify Support To Taiwan

During “CloseUp” program of WMUR-TV on Apr 10th, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for the Biden Administration to increase support to Taiwan, pointing out the US should take the lead in recognizing Taiwan as an independent sovereign state, which was not only a right decision, but also a wise strategy in the national interest of America.

With regard to the stance on Taiwan issue, the US should avoid repeating the same mistake in Ukraine, where military assistance and support were extended only after they were faced with tremendous risks. Pompeo emphasized that Xi Jinping, much like Vladimir Putin, would not settle just for a small bid but have bigger intentions. Provided that the US was not resolute enough on the Ukraine issue,Xi Jinping would inevitably believe that taking over Taiwan even the Southeast Asia was not an insurmountable challenge.

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