The CCP Will Attack Taiwan Around May Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

On April 11th, Miles Guo revealed on GETTR that there would be a vicious war breaking out between Russia and Ukraine. He also reiterated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will attack Taiwan before May and that a significant global supply chain crisis is already occurring. General. Alexander Dvornikov, the new commander of the Russian army, had previously committed serious atrocities in Syria. He will use biochemical weapons, adopt brutal siege tactics, and make a feint to Kyiv, with his main target being Zelenskyy. The CCP has sent a large number of weapons to Russia, which is not only wreaking havoc on the world but also bringing harm to the Chinese people. The flames of war could rage all over the Middle East, Eastern Europe, or even Europe.
The CCP has launched massive nucleic tests and locked down cities across the country. It is planning to attack Taiwan around May. In addition, there has been a decline in the production of basic commodities, which has brought about a serious global supply chain crisis.

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