Pelosi May Visit Taiwan after She Finishes Her Isolation

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was originally scheduled to travel to Asia on Apr 8 to visit Japan and South Korea, and unconfirmed sources have revealed that she would visit Taiwan on Apr 10 during the Asian trip. However, Pelosi did not travel as scheduled following her positive test for the CCP Virus. According to Pelosi’s tweet on Apr 11, her test came back negative and she anticipated finishing her isolation on the 12th, but she did not disclose the details of her upcoming Asian trip.
On April 12, in an interview with Japanese media, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated they would make public the invitation in due time after discussing it with the invited visitor and would not make individual comments on the progress of the invitation.
Previously, many US diplomats and diplomatic planes have flown to Taiwan, and every time the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had explicitly threatened to send troops to attack Taiwan. According to Miles Guo’s statement in his live broadcast, the CCP had repeated the same rhetoric regarding Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan. However, in a video posted on Miles’ Gettr account on Apr 12, Miles said that Pelosi would visit Taiwan at any time, demonstrating that all the threatening words from the CCP have become an international laughing stock.

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