U.S. Human Rights Report Reaffirms CCP’s Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

On April 12, the US State Department released the 2021 World Report on Human Rights, reiterating that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has committed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang. The crimes against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, taking Uyghur minorities as one example, would include, arbitrary detention or deprivation of liberty of millions, mass surveillance, forced sterilization, rape, torture, forced labor, and restrictions on freedom of religion or belief, etc.
In addition to this, the report cites other serious human rights violations that the CCP imposed on the Chinese people. These are enforced disappearances, serious interference in peaceful assemblies and unions society, human trafficking, and many types of strict policies in the guise of public health. The report also highlights that since corruption is rampant and law enforcement is non-transparent in China, higher-profile officials or security personnel often commit human rights violations with impunity.

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