North Korea’s Kim family will soon fall-apart

In a live broadcast on April 10, Mr. Guo revealed that since Ukraine bravely resisted Russian aggression and received huge support from the West, all dictatorships in the world, including the Kim family of North Korea, have felt uncontrollable panic.

Mr. Guo pointed out that the Kim regime is a family kingdom built on huge lies. And by enslaving the entirety of North Korea, starving, and freezing all the people, and praising the most evil person in the entire country. But after Ukraine’s heroic resistance, Kim Jong-un knew in his heart that he could not compete with the United States at all and that the nuclear threat he once prided himself on was just an unusable squib even in front of Musk.

In particular, North Korea will face a food crisis, and the Kim family, like the CCP, does not have enough foreign exchange to import food, and cannot support the operation of its military at all. Coupled with Starlink technology and South Korea’s newly developed communication technology, it is easy to spread information overseas to North Korea. When the hungry people know the truth, it will be the day when the Kim family collapses.

Mr. Guo believes that the big variable this year is North Korea, followed by Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, and then this chain reaction will eventually promote the disintegration of Russia and the CCP.

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