Japan to notice the CCP’s infiltration on global affairs

Tokyo, Japan, April 5th — Japan should pay attention to the CCP’s infiltration into the world, said Itsunori Onodera, member of the House of Representatives in the National Diet of Japan.

Onodera warned of the impact of the CCP regime on Russia’s invasion against Ukraine.

Although the United States and Japan called on to condemn Russia’s atrocities during the ASEAN Foreign Ministerial Meetings, only a few countries responded or dare to impose sanctions. The CCP regime had a huge impact on meddling ASEAN affairs.

In accordance with Miles Guo’s unremitting warning since 2017, the Communist regime of China has never concealed its ambition to pursue the geopolitical hegemony in global affairs. Mr. Onodera is shocked at the CCP’s deep meddling in Southeast Asia.

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