Europe’s Fundamental Issue Is Communist Totalitarian Crisis Rather Than Energy

According to Miles Guo in the live broadcast on Apr 10th, the fundamental issue Europe faces during the Russia-Ukraine War is the inclination, which stemmed from a pro-CCP and pro-Russia stance that has lasted years, a dictatorship crisis over the entire social system, rather than an energy crisis. Since 2008, rogue politicos, like German Merkel and French Sarkozy, have voluntarily served as henchmen for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with their covert endorsement of the CCP winning the host right for the 2008 Olympics being an obvious instance.

Under the pressure of Putin’s regime, Germany and France all coupled their economies with Russia and Communist China, a move explicitly egging Putin on his invasion of Ukraine and reinforcing Xi’s ambition to annex Taiwan. Moreover, Sarkozy has betrayed Ukraine, Hong Kong, and many African states. Thereby, Mile remarked that Merkel and French Sarkozy, the original perpetrators of the Russia-Ukraine war, should be sentenced to war crimes.

At present, the specter of communist totalitarianism is the real issue wandering behind the European gas and oil problems following the Russia-Ukraine war. Fortunately, the German and French governments have changed their previous stance completely. Germany, which has decided to cooperate with the United States, has opened a legal investigation into Merkel, for which Miles expressed he would be happy to provide all the information and evidence he got.

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