CCP Conducts Extreme Stress Tests with Manmade Disasters, CCP to Destroy the U.S. Dollar

In the April 10th live broadcast, Miles Guo revealed the truth behind the city lockdowns in Communist China in the name of epidemic control, and as well as revealed the truth behind Communist China’s support for Russia to challenge the United States. Miles talked about why Xi Jinping had imposed a strict epidemic prevention policy by ordering a complete lockdown of Shanghai, a partial lockdown of cities in Guangzhou, Changchun, and some other areas. The lockdown policy has restricted people from setting foot out of their homes, making the residents unable to get food or even medicine. This has even caused a large number of residents to completely run out of food, some residents who were confined to their homes posted photos of their completely empty refrigerators.

Miles said what could further happen to the Chinese people is that they may lose more than just food, they may lose power, water, and other necessities for their livelihood. The purpose of these man-made disasters is to test how much the people could psychologically yield to the will of the government, and how the people would respond in extreme situations, such as war. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows very well that when leaving the people with nothing, they will be completely dependent and subservient to the CCP. To this end, the CCP has gone to great lengths to bring society to a halt and reduce its $15 trillion dollar GDP to $5 trillion, creating an artificial economic disaster.

Meanwhile, at the international level, the CCP used a lot of its resources to partner with Russia as an ally, control energy countries in the Middle East and Africa, and restrict oil and gas supplies to Europe and the United States. In addition, the CCP has used the epidemic, war-induced supply chain disruptions, and the food crisis as tools to combat the credit of the U.S. dollar. The ultimate goal of the CCP is to take down the dominant power of the U.S. dollar.

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