The U.S. Produces Numerous Musk-type Individuals vs the CCP’s Dictatorship Stifles Civilization

During the live broadcast on March 20, Miles Guo presented his high regard for Musk’s gauntlet against Putin, praising it for announcing the bankruptcy of the dictatorship’s nuclear blackmail over humanity.

Referring to why Musk, a foreigner immigrating to the U.S., was able to accomplish the remarkable feat of saving the world in America, Miles Guo remarked that it is the U.S. system, which assembles the world‘s elites and give them freedom to grow, that is the fundamental source of powerful American strength.

According to statistics, 80-86% of the American elites are new immigrants.

In the Post-World War II era, the U.S. began recruiting scientists from Germany, the Soviet Union, and other countries, involving various industries such as the Internet, semiconductors, chips, biology, and space technology, among others, offering them every possible research and study environment, while the global elites have kept the United States on the world-leading throne with their continuing discoveries, creation, and inventions.

In contrast, the self-proclaimed grandly supreme Communist China provides zero self-development opportunities or survival environment for domestic or international elites.




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