Miles Guo Explained Why Xi and Putin Collude Together and Oppose Against Europe and the U.S.

n the live broadcast on March 23, Miles Guo explained the fundamental reasons why Xi Jinping and Putin need to form an alliance as their attempt to oppose against Europe and the United States.

According to Miles, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian political landscape was divided into the St. Petersburg faction and the Moscow faction. The St. Petersburg faction represents internationalism and financial interests, while the Moscow faction represents the communist ideology left from the Soviet Union.

Miles believed that as long as the CCP operates with the St. Petersburg faction, it can survive the triple tug-of-war with the United States and Russia. But when the CCP started to side with the Moscow faction, the CCP China is going to fall.

It turns out that Xi has chosen to Putin, who is from St. Petersburg but colludes deeply with the Moscow faction.Miles Guo said that Xi and Putin share mutual interests and oppose internationalism. Xi believes Europe should be Russia’s Europe, which fulfilled Putin’s ambition to conquer Europe. Since the time of Hu Yaobang, the CCP has repeatedly warned Putin against a color revolution in Ukraine that could spill over to Russia and lead to its downfall.

Putin understood a color revolution in Ukraine would post the biggest threat to his power. Realizing this threat, Putin has also warned Xi Jinping that if his regime falls, the CCP will surely perish as well. Thus, for their own mutual benefits, Xi and Putin believe they have to form an alliance and jointly oppose the democratic civilizations in Europe and the U.S.

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