Hong Kong Funeral Services Overwhelmed by CCP Virus

It was reported on April 6th that deaths from the CCP virus and vaccines are devastating Hong Kong, leaving the city increasingly burdened with funeral services and an extreme shortage of traditional wooden coffins.

More than 8,000 deaths have been reported in Hong Kong since a new outbreak began this year, with about 300 coffins needed each day. A 37-year-old funeral director said he had never seen so many bodies piled up and that he had been working around the clock. The morgue was already overcrowded. The deceased person’s family, who died on March 1st, has been waiting for death papers to claim the body but has not gotten them until recently.

Currently, as many as six crematoriums are operating continuously throughout the day, and 300 cremations are performed each day. The public mortuary has been expanded to roughly twice its original size and can accommodate 4,600 bodies. Eco-friendly coffin manufacturers have donated coffins, preservatives, and substances that can help preserve bodies from decay for up to five days, allowing more capacity for funeral services.

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