Shanghai confirmed case surging, urging more mobile cabin hospitals

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission announced 21,222 new cases of the CCP virus on April 7. This is the first time Shanghai officials have admitted daily cases exceeding 20,000.

Since the pandemic tension at the end of March, Shanghai first announced the lockdown in two districts. A few days later, it announced the lockdown of the entire city and forced nucleic acid screening of all its residents.

The indefinite delay in reopening caused panic among the residents and exceeded the expectations of the public’s preparation for the lockdown, leading to many human tragedies. Shanghai allegedly had entered a state of military control. The government was forced to open selected delivery operators to resume delivery services that had been halted.

Currently, Shanghai officials are pushing for the early completion of several large mobile cabin hospitals previously planned. The CCP expects that the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center will be converted into the largest mobile cabin hospital, with 40,000 beds upon its completion. However, according to multiple sources, the mobile cabin hospitals are simply used to concentrate virus-infected patients together, to carry out the so-called “zero-tolerance policy” advocated by the regime. There are actually significant issues in staff control, supply allocation, and effective implementation of medical treatment in mobile hospitals.

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