Another Atrocity by Russian Military Unveiled as Ukrainian Civilians Sharing Space with the dead outside Chernihiv

On April 7, a report emerged that during the occupation of Yahidne village outside Chernihiv, the Russian army squeezed 130 Ukrainian civilians, including men, women, and children, in a basement of roughly 65 square meters of space for nearly a month.

One captive Mykola of 65 years, recounted his trauma that he only had a space of one meter and was sleeping while standing up. He had to tie himself to the railing with his scarf so he wouldn’t fall over.

He said there were 40 to 50 children, the youngest being just 2 months old. People in the basement could barely move, and the room had no ventilation as its two windows were boarded up. A few older people choked to death.

“During my time there, 12 people died,” Mykola said. Dead bodies were not removed daily, meaning people lived with the dead until they were removed. Most of the time, no toilet time was provided. Occasionally, Russian soldiers would drag a few people out and use them as human shields.

“In normal conditions, they would not have died. Putin is a war criminal,” said Mykola. Russia withdrew from Yahidne on April 3, bringing an end to the horror there.

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