The Dismissal of the Pakistani Prime Minister Confirms Miles Guo’s Intelligence Sources

On March 31, local time, Pakistan’s opposition party announced that it had secured enough support to initiate a vote to dismiss the prime minister on Sunday. The opposition party had reportedly gained support from 196 Partisan members, higher than the 172 required for the vote. On April 4, unsurprisingly, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was dismissed after the dissolution of the parliament, and the Prime Minister’s authority remains until an interim prime minister is elected.

Miles Guo had predicted the situation in his live broadcast on March 30 that the Chinese communist party (CCP) would stir up unrest in Pakistan, as the country’s current leaders are not entirely obedient to the CCP.

As observers remarked, either the upheaval in Kazakhstan at the beginning of the year or Pakistan’s ousting of the Prime Minister had echoed Miles Guo’s previous description, all effectively demonstrating the credibility of the Whistleblower Movement’s intelligence.

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