Chinese Spy Zheng Jiefu Deported by Australian Government

Recently, the Australian government deported Australian citizen Zheng Jiefu. According to Australian media, Zheng Jiefu who work as a real estate developer in Australia, in fact, works for the CCP government. He is accused of interfering in Australia’s affairs and national security. Back in 2015, Zheng Jiefu smeared Miles Guo in the Australian media, lying that his company was seized by Miles Guo and CCP Deputy Minister Ma Jian, and suggesting that his personal safety was threatened by Miles Guo. The CCP’s mouthpiece, Caixin media also cooperates with the release of the same false accusation to Miles Guo.

Miles Guo elaborated on the matter in his live broadcast on May 9, 2017. Zheng Jiefu’s domestic company and Miles Guo had a contradiction, but in fact, it is not related to Miles Guo. All because the handler Qu Long wanted to embezzle public funds. Miles Guo and Zheng Jiefu do not have any legal relationship. This is a false accusation from them and CCP’s Caixin media to smear Miles Guo. It is not difficult to see through CCP’s manipulation.In 2017, the second day of Mile Guo’s VOA’s incident, Zheng jiepu again falsely accused Miles guo of lying for media attention.

Five years later, Zheng Jiefu got deported. Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on April 4, 2022 that time will give all the answers. Follow the CCP will only lead you to the crematorium. More than 40 people who worked for the CCP are currently on the Australian government list waiting to be deported

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