Miles Guo’s Warning: Food Crisis Has Arrived

On April 5, Miles Guo mentioned the food shortage again in the Gettr video. Miles pointed out that Shanghai’s lockdown measures imposed by the CCP authorities on pandemic grounds had led to the skyrocketing of food prices as well as people’s difficulties in purchasing food. Meanwhile, grain prices in the United States has increased by as much as 7% to 10%, and even there was a shortfall in food supply in some areas. It was foreseen that food prices would set off a huge humanitarian catastrophe worldwide.

Miles revealed that according to a fellow fighter within the communist China, CCP authorities were trying their best to resume farming. Nevertheless, it is estimated that this year devastating floods would strike the Yangtze River Basin, the areas around the Three Gorges Dam, Henan province and Northeast China, with 133.33 million Hectares of farmland destroyed. To this end, the CCP government has been ready for the death of 50 million to 100 million people from starvation in 2022.

Miles also added that once there emerged a food crisis, the global issues of employment and energy supplies would follow. However, all these things were trivial compared to disaster of CCP virus vaccine. Therefore, as a citizen of New Federal State of China who was unvaccinated and owned Hcoin, all fellow fighters should understand the necessity to show gratitude, cherish the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by the Whistleblower Movement, and become the hope to truly save all mankind.

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