The CCP’s Slander On Miles Guo Is The Advantage From Disadvantage

In the Grand Live Broadcast on April 3, Miles Guo shared with fellow fighters that in some sense, CCP’s slander in recent years has actually further facilitated the dissemination of the Whistleblower Movement.

 Mr. Guo mentioned that the Whistleblower Movement had repeatedly warned humanity since 2017 that darkness was coming. Since then, the whistleblower Movement has repeatedly warned about the stock market crash in Hong Kong, the global outbreak of CCP virus and the consequent vaccine disaster, as well as the rapid development of the funeral industry in Communist China. Today, no one in the world can ignore the important early-warnings about global disasters provided by the Whistleblower Movement time and again. On the contrary, everyone must face the challenges posed by CCP.

Under such circumstances, CCP has made many attempts to deny the critical information exposed by Mr. Guo with recourse to slander and disinformation to defame him and the Whistleblower Movement. However, Mr. Guo pointed out that these dirty tricks could only strengthen the resolve of fellow fighters to firmly follow the Whistleblower Movement. Those whose ideals and convictions wavered were expected to be automatically purged from brother-in-arms.

Previously, Mr. Guo referred to the concept of ” the advantage from disadvantage ” several times, which has been verified over and over again in the past five years: the enemy’s slander would only accelerate and expand the spread of truth.

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