Shanghai Expanded Its Lockdown In Light Of Surge In Asymptomatic Cases Of CCP Virus

On Apr 5th, Shanghai municipal government said on its official WeChat account that a record 13,086 new asymptomatic cases of the CCP virus were reported on Apr 4th, up from 8,581 the previous day, after more than 25 million people were swabbed in 24 hours in the city-wide testing campaign.

On the evening of Apr 4th, Shanghai authorities announced that further restrictions would be imposed on the urban traffic network and more subway lines had to suspend service. CCP’s data indicated that 1,235 newly confirmed cases were reported nationwide on Apr 4th including 1,173 indigenous cases and there were another 15,355 new asymptomatic cases recorded as well.

During the grand live broadcast, Mr. Guo pointed out the outbreak of pandemic in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hongkong was actually the harbinger of the CCP virus vaccine disaster, which CCP’s large-scale lockdown has been prepared for in advance.

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