Australia Accelerates Firearm Purchases In Response To China’s Plan To Invade Taiwan

On April 5th, Australia’s defense minister was reported to have said that due to Russia’s current aggressive war against Ukraine and the CCP’s possible invasion of Taiwan earlier than expected, Australia decided to advance its original armament procurement plan and accelerate the completion of the modernization of the country’s military in response to the growing threat posed by the CCP and Russia to the world.

The report mentions that there was a working assumption that an act of aggression by the CCP towards Taiwan might take place in the 2040’s, but the current war between Russia and Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party’s attitude toward it has caused the Australia to be alarmed. In addition, the Solomon Islands has recently expressed its intention to sign a security pact with the CCP, which has led Australia and neighboring countries in the region, including New Zealand and the United States, to be on high alert. Partners throughout the Western Pacific are concerned that the CCP will take the opportunity to deploy troops in the region and thus, threaten regional peace and stability.

The Australian government is reportedly planning to spend A$3.5 billion to accelerate the acquisition of its military’s warplanes and warship weapons.

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