Social Media Becomes Better As Compete By More People

During a live broadcast on April 3rd, Miles Guo explained the difference between Elon Musk’s future social media and the media platform of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

Miles Guo pointed out that based on the development of social media platforms alone, the achievement Musk makes will be far beyond what Facebook or Twitter did, leading the world in a new direction. But if we evaluate the concept of the platform, the mission of media platforms belonging to the NFSC is beyond Musk’s reach.

Miles said that the NFSC is currently changing the political landscape of the CCP, Russia, and even the whole world. The NFSC’s media is aimed to subvert the rogue regime of the CCP, eradicate the greatest evil in human society, and save 1.4 billion Chinese people. Therefore, compared to Musk’s platform, which will be an absolutely successful commercial social media source, the NFSC media is built with sentiment and beliefs.

For this reason, Miles emphasized that Musk’s join on the competition of social media platforms, in contrast to the rogue mentality of the CCP’s monopoly on everything, would be beneficial to the development of the world. It is only through competition that development of any field and environment can gradually come into balance and thus, eventually become civilized and great enough to truly benefit the people.

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