Miles Guo on the Current Ukraine Situation, Possible Provision and Outcomes

In the live broadcast on April 3rd, Miles Guo said that when he discussed the situation in Ukraine with someone, who is the top 10 leaders in the world, this person believes that the United States only cares about domestic inflation, the dollar, oil prices and the CCP virus epidemic. He believes that Xi Jinping, Putin and Turkish President Erdogan will become the first, second and third winners respectively of the war. He even believes that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a Russian spy.

Miles told this powerful person that Xi Jinping will definitively attack Taiwan based on the domestic people’s livelihood, food crisis, political crisis and the current situation of Hong Kong. Xi Jinping and Putin have kidnapped the people’s interests because of their personal relations, political decisions and personal hobbies, which has aroused great resentment in the two countries.

Coupled with the comprehensive judgment of the CCP’s layout in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Xi Jinping will be the biggest loser in the Russian Ukrainian war.

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