Shanghai Eliminates Same-Day PCR Test Allowing Japanese Citizens Return to Japan

Shanghai, China, April 3rd —The daily confirmed CCP virus cases in Communist China exceeded 10,000 for the first time after 2020, according to the data released by the CCP. As stated, the data from Shanghai and Jilin province takes up 96% of the skyrocketing daily confirmed cases. Once again, the CCP regime set those areas in a complete lockdown, requiring all residents to stay at home.

Shanghai suddenly called a halt to the 3-day PCR test, after the mobile app from Communist China’s CDC falsely determined several positive cases as negative. Besides, the CCP agreed to arrange some Japanese people to return home immediately, after unremitting negotiation by the Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai. During a complete lockdown period, those people were transferred to the airport by special vehicles, taking the earliest flight of the day to return to Japan. All CCP media or propaganda machines kept silent on this incident. Sources pointed out that the CCP’s performance in Shanghai was no different from the coercive policy on Wuhan two years ago.

It is wise that the Japanese Consulate-General evacuated its citizens immediately after the complete lockdown in Shanghai, since the world has been fully aware of those cruel but futile disease controlling measures; and its anti-humanity nature.

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