Vaccine Disaster Suicides Soar in Communist China As 2nd Largest Investor Changed Stance

In the live broadcast on April 3rd, Miles Guo said that the lock down of Shanghai and Changchun led to countless suicides, and the second largest investor in Communist China is now completely standing with the Whistleblower Movement.

Miles said that in Changchun and Shanghai, many family members committed suicide due to isolation, and the dead are buried on site or directly iced and vaporized. Currently, there are more than 5,000 vaporizer facilities in Shanghai and thousands in Changchun. As early as 2018, Miles revealed that the CCP will devote all of its resources to develop the cremation business.

In addition, a top world-class investor on Wall Street had to be injected with a dose of the CCP virus vaccine so he can go to the UK to visit his son, resulting in a semi-paralysis. After learning that it was a vaccine side effect, he was treated for detoxification through the blood in his whole body; saving his life. When he knew that our rescue operation on the Ukraine frontline could effectively prevent overseas Chinese exclusion, the person was very moved and asked Miles Guo for a rescue vest as a souvenir, and stands firmly with the Whistleblower Movement.

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