Japanese Media Exposed Issues of Food Shortages after Shanghai’s Lockdown

Shanghai has implemented strict blockade control policy since the outbreak of the epidemic in late March. At the same time, the CCP’s official media has blocked news strictly. It is difficult for the outside world to know the real living conditions of Shanghai residents under the blockade control. On April 1, a Japanese media contacted a reporter who working as a special reporter in Shanghai and asked about the current situation in Shanghai.

The reporter said that Shanghai nominally implemented an east-west cross-blockade. However, due to the high daily new cases, a total lockdown has begun in fact. People were unable to enter and leave the community. Even the medical system refused to treat patients other than those infected , resulting in the death of patients. The reporter then showed the food distributed by the Chinese Communist government the day before. There was no meat in it except green vegetables and water.

The food hoarded by residents themselves is about to bottom out. They are afraid it is difficult to support the coming days. Although Shanghai has opened up a platform for online ordering, due to the epidemic, the platform has always shown ” insufficient transportation capacity.” Delivery time is not guaranteed at all.

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