A Chinese Man Shouted Take Down the CCP

On April 2, a video from China was widely shared on Gettr. The video shows a man trying to get out but was blocked at the entrance by another person who seemed to be a staff member of the neighborhood. The man was persuaded to step back, but then broke free and took a few steps forward, raising his arms in agitation and repeatedly shouting “take down the CCP, take down Xi Jinping”.

Currently, the CCP virus has broken out again in many cities in China, and local governments are enforcing blockade policies, restricting residents’ travel, and disregarding people’s lives and deaths. Which has resulted in many humane tragedies, such as children being forcibly separated from parents, and elderly people dying due to delayed treatment, among countless others.

Analysts said the evil CCP’s extreme anti-epidemic policies have not only brought endless disaster to the Chinese people but further inspired more and more people to resist tyranny and pursue freedom. This man’s public voice against tyranny could become a landmark event that awakens more people to stand up against and even take down the evil Chinese Communist Party.

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