Israeli Volunteers will Celebrate Passover In NFSC’s Tent

On April 3rd, Nicole, a member of the frontline New Federal State of China’s Ukraine rescue interviewed a group of Jewish volunteers from Israel at the Medyka camp in Poland. The volunteers were very excited to tell Nicole that they will celebrate the upcoming Passover, the most important Jewish holiday, in the big tent belonging to ROLF and NFSC.

 One of the volunteers said that celebrating the Passover in the big NFSC tent was very symbolic because Passover commemorates the Jews being released from slavery and regaining their freedom. Today NFSC is not only supporting Ukrainians in their quest for freedom, but also shouldering the mission of leading 1.4 billion Chinese out of slavery from the CCP.

 He also said that the tent of NFSC and ROLF is the “Liberation Tent,” the tent to get freedom. He supports the idea that the Chinese should have an independent and free Federation.

 Chinese people should have freedom and the right to govern themselves. There is no need to be controlled by any power. This is the reason why these Israeli volunteers have chosen to celebrate Passover with the NFSC. The tent has a special meaning; the pursuit of freedom.

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