Chinese Communist Party’s Plan on Export to Europe through Russia was Hit Hard

According to foreign media reports on April 2nd, sanctions against Russia in Europe and the United States are undermining the Communist Party’s plans to export trade to Europe.

Although the EU has not officially banned import trade through Russia, inbound railroads have been almost completely shut down. A key component of the Chinese Communist Party’s Belt and Road Initiative relies heavily on these suspended rail-cargo shipments. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, much of the Communist Party’s cargo to Europe has been diverted to rail transport in Kazakhstan and Georgia, or simply shifted to ships.Many major transport and logistics companies have now suspended operations to and from Russia. The marine insurance company in Duisburg, a German inland port on the Silk Road, has also announced that it will no longer pay for cargo from Russia and Belarus. The port of Duisburg is the first stop for Communist exports to Europe, with clothing, sports equipment, and electronics arriving weekly from Communist China, returning with European wine and high-end clothing accessories.

Since the Russian-Ukrainian war, Communist China’s exports to Europe have fallen sharply as demand and willingness for shipping and rail transportation has declined.

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