Japanese Freelance Journalist Touched by the NFSC’s Ukraine Relief Efforts

On April 3, local time, a freelance journalist from Japan was interviewed by Nicole, a volunteer member of the frontline rescue team, at the tent of Rule of Law Foundation-New Federal State China (NFSC) in Medyka, Poland. This Japanese gentleman was shocked when he heard Nicole introduce that the NFSC people are the new Chinese who are fighting for taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


He tried to express his feelings in his unskilled English, saying that Japanese people usually think that the image of Chinese people is the Chinese Communist government. This was the first time in his life that he heard that the NFSC intended to eliminate the CCP, on which he felt impressed.


When he learned that a Chinese gentleman named Miles Guo was leading the Chinese to terminate the CCP, he put his hand over his chest and said “I am moved” several times. He said he would use his own self-media platform to support the NFSC and spread the mission of taking down the CCP.

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