CCP Deploys Hongqi Missiles Threatening NATO’s Air Power

On April 3, Miles Guo broke the news in a grand live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made a crazy move to support Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine. Five days ago, the CCP had deployed a series of Hongqi rangered missiles and air-defence missiles to Serbia in the Balkans, a region known as the Powder Keg of Europe that directly threatens U.S. and NATO air support to Ukraine.

Miles revealed that the Hongqi missile system is a man-portable missile developed by the CCP, which stole the technology of the U.S. Stinger missile, and is the only missile series that uses the Beidou Navigation Satellite System. It is also the only missile series that uses the this system, and has the characteristics of joint launch, mass launch and high accuracy.

In addition, the CCP is preparing to deploy the Hongqi series of missiles to strategic choke points in the Middle East, such as Iran, Yemen, Tunisia and Djibouti, to directly threaten U.S. and NATO air power.

Miles believes that by deploying Hongqi missiles in strategic locations in the Balkans and the Middle East, the CCP is directly threatening and challenging the air power of the U.S. and NATO. They will have no choice but to resolutely destroy the CCP’s Beidou satellite system.

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