Russia Soldiers Using Ukrainian bullets to Shoot Themselves to Avoid Fighting

Taiwan media reported on April 3, the Ukrainian Security Service recently released the content of a phone call between a Russian soldier and his mother. The call revealed: they were besieged by the Ukrainian army and they wanted to escape but were afraid of being shot by the military’s high-level supervisory team. Therefore, these war-weary soldiers used Ukrainian-style bullets to shoot themselves, pretending was injured in the battle by the Ukrainian army to be sent back to Russia for treatment.


The soldier said in the call that they were not only besieged by the Ukrainian army, but also their equipment was blown up. If the Ukrainian army attacked them at this time, the entire troop would be destroyed. So, they injured themselves in the hope of being sent back to the domestic hospital. Hearing the news, the soldier’s mother begged the soldier to come home quickly and said she would go to the Russian Ministry of Defense for help. But the soldier said it was impossible for the commander to agree. He also revealed that there were 20 soldiers who refused to serve have been sentenced to more than eight years in prison.The Ukrainian Security Service said, there were 120 wounded and 350 dead soldier bodies in this soldier’s unit have already been sent back to their country. After interrogating the Russian prisoners of war, the Ukrainian side learned that the Russian military executives had resumed the past practice of “supervising the battle team.” There were so-called “shooting team” on the troops, and they would kill any soldiers who tried to escape.

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