Zelenskyy Asks EU and Norway To Close Ports For Russian Ships

According to MENAFN on Mar 30th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for the EU and Norway to ban Russian ships from using ports on the continent. He emphasized that as long as Russia block ports of other countries, it had no right to use all the ports of the free world. This is a matter of freedom and security of global navigation, not money.

Zelenskyy thanked Norway for joining the EU sanctions against Russia, underscoring that European companies must not help Russia’s military machine, which has already killed thousands of Ukrainians and destroyed dozens of cities completely.
He was convinced that sanctions were the only means that could motivate Russia to seek peace, so new sanctions packages must be introduced weekly without pauses. The tougher the sanctions were, the sooner peace would be restored.

It was reported the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said at the UN Security Council briefing that the Russian navy had blocked more than 90 civilian ships in the Black Sea region which carried food for the world market.

Russia also mined the sea routes from the Bosphorus to Odesa, saying those were Ukrainian mines. Ukraine insisted on holding Russia accountable for uncontrolled and indiscriminate use of sea mines.

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