Members Of NFSC Should Adhere to the Motto: Only Truth Prevails

During the Grand Live broadcast on March 20, Miles Guo pointed out that the fake pro-democracy activists, had they had the choice again, would definitely still opt to serve as the CCP’s henchmen. The members of the NFSC should not tolerate any forms of bureaucratism and formalism, and should always adhere to our motto, ‘Only truth prevails’.

During the investigation of a certain fake pro-democracy activist living overseas, as told by an US government personnel to Miles, a question was asked, “had you had the choice again, would you rather choose to cooperate with the CCP and become a billionaire, or, undermine the CCP’s interest at the cost of imprisonment and loss of everything”. Without any hesitation, the hypocritic imposter replied he’d choose the former.

In contrast, when asked the same question, between the lure of wealth and the dire consequences of upholding justice, an arrested opponent of Saddam Hussein in Iraq responded decisively that he would still choose justice.

Miles added that time is such an invaluable asset in life; there is no room for bureaucratism and formalism in the NFSC. As much as he fully acknowledged the achievements of the frontline Ukraine rescue effort, which is initiated and operated by the NFSC and the ROL Foundation, he also criticized the exposed issues derived from separatism, the division by farm, and individualism among the fellow fighters. He emphasized that the members of the NFSC should always adhere to our motto, “Only truth prevails”.

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