Xi Jinping Keeps Ambition To Invade Taiwan

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 23, Miles Guo once again talked about aggression attempts of Xi Jinping and other CCP senior officials against Taiwan. Miles revealed that as early as 2007, Xi Jinping had already shown his ambitions for Taiwan and decided to resolve the Taiwan issue quickly after he took power.

To this end, he threatened that if the United States helps Taiwan, the CCP will let Taiwan sink into the sea forever, thus never giving Taiwan any chance to favor the United States. Xi’s attitude has remained unchanged so far. In addition, CCP officials have repeatedly expressed the idea of creating earthquakes in Taiwan, that is, using missiles to trigger an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher can completely paralyze Taiwan society.

Miles also broke the news that after the Russian-Ukrainian war, Xi Jinping was delighted to regard Russia as a model of study. Xi Jinping even claimed within the party that the Russian-Ukrainian war proved that the CCP should apply a rapid, vicious and desperate strategy model against Taiwan.

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