The Real Smart Power Of The West Is Faith

During the grand broadcast on Mar 27th, Miles Guo interpreted President Biden’s astonishing speech about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on Mar 26th from historical and faith perspective.

In his speech, Biden said for God’s sake, Putin could not remain in power. Mr. Guo believed that these words were of great historic significance, demonstrating more charisma than “I am a Berliner” in John Kennedy’s speech given on June 26th 1963 in West Berlin and “Tear down this wall” in Ronald Reagan’s address delivered on June 12th, 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate.

Mr. Guo also referred to Hilary Clinton who said the U.S. should use smart power to control the world. After one year of research, CCP interpreted the smart power as media, Internet, justice, human rights and democracy. CCP’s ignorance of the world was unimaginable. Their leadership were convinced that by resorting to some means, CCP could definitely create unrest within the U.S., debilitate the U.S., massacre the white and achieve their evil goal of dominating the world given the quadrennial presidential elections, struggles between two parties and pendulum effect in the U.S.. Nevertheless, CCP has no faith and has never seen what people of faith looked like and knows nothing about the fact that the power of real faith is far beyond the nuclear weapons.

The American global strategy placed more emphasis on Europe rather than Asia partly due to the fundamental interests on the one hand, and common faith on the other. Mr. Guo once again reminded Biden portrayed Russia-Ukraine war as a battle between good and evil in his address, who also said Russian people would ultimately choose to stand with justice and prayed to God that not Russian people, but Putin was to blame.

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