The United States Won’t Make the Right Decision Without Trying All the Options

Since 2017, Miles Guo has repeatedly mentioned in his broadcasts that the United States and the Western world have no choice but to eliminate dictatorship. The U.S. will have to try all the options, shed blood, and even lose lives before making the right decision with no one can change. 

Looking back to World War II, about 200 years ago, when the United States had no de facto independence, the country entered China in 1776 and established diplomatic relations with the Qing Dynasty. The United States bought lands from Russia and established US military bases overseas. After WWII, the US became an empire which is the breeding place for the Bretton Woods system. “The country would not make the right decision without trying all the mistakes,” Miles said.

Miles Guo showed in his live broadcast on March 27th that President Biden understands that the personal bonds between Putin and Xi Jinping have replaced national friendship and national interests. The two are leading the world and trying to take the pulse of the world. Miles disclosed that Putin wants to take over the five Baltic Sea countries and that the two dictators are delusional to achieve their aim to rule the world. President Biden’s speech in Warsaw, Poland, on the 26th, quote, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” has surpassed the words of President Kennedy and President Reagan to the former Soviet Union and sums up America’s painful experience over these past few years. President Biden will dedicate his life to making unexpected moves. Finally, Miles emphasized that it is all up to us, the new Chinese, to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party.

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