The NFSC Reshapes the Core Values of Chinese People with Dignity and Action

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 30, Miles Guo connected to the Medyca relief front line to learn the story of the oldest Ukrainian refugee to date who was hosted in the big NFSC tent, walking 60 kilometres across the border to wait for her son to arrive from Germany and take her away for refuge. 

Miles Guo instructed the fellow fighters to treat the 81-year-old mother as if she is their own mother and take good care of her. Miles Guo said that to rebuild the core foundations of Chinese people, such as society, community and family, which were destroyed by the CCP, and to become a strong nation, we must firstly know how to respect others, and more importantly, learn to respect ourselves; and secondly, we must win hearts and minds and write the legends of our lives with our actions. 

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