Mr. Bannon Pointed Out that Ivermectin Is Put Into Treatment Confirmed Miles Guo’s News

On March 29, according to Gettr, a bill which was passed by the New Hampshire state legislature recently pointed out that local doctors will be allowed to use the over-the-counter drug ivermectin to treat the CCP virus. In this regard, Mr. Bannon said that this information fully verified the accuracy of the relevant warning issued by Miles Guo earlier.

Mr. Bannon explained that there are too many shocking facts about the CCP virus vaccine in the recently released dossier of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and the official medical community in the United States has released a lot of misinformation about the CCP virus. In this case , finding a real and reliable treatment method is an important part of solving the CCP virus epidemic. This is also the message that Miles Guo has repeatedly conveyed to the world.

At present, ivermectin has officially become an option for the treatment of the CCP virus in the United States, but this program has not been fully popularized across the United States. Therefore, Mr. Bannon believes that the full adoption of ivermectin is bound to bring a political storm to the United States, given that the American people have long been tired of the government’s mandatory vaccine policy.

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