Shanghai Expands the Lockdown, Municipal Necessity Distribution just a Show

According to Reuters on Mar 30th, CCP authorities expanded lockdown in Shanghai due to in the number of new cases surging. Stringent pandemic control measures were imposed in the western areas of this metropolis. In the meanwhile, the frequent nucleic acid tests were conducted in different districts and phases.

The report also mentioned that the Minhang district, with more than 2.5 million population, would suspend public bus services until April 5th. In addition, residents living in western districts received notice from their housing committees that they won’t be allowed to leave their compounds for the next 7 days, while each household could send one person to go out to shop for necessities every day in other districts.

Nonetheless, the stringent lockdown causes tremendous inconvenience to residents, where the inaccessibility of food and medical service has become the norm. According to Gettr, CCP’s Shanghai Municipal Government pledged to distribute daily necessities for citizens during the lockdown, whereas the footage disseminated from Communist China demonstrated that all the official stories about the distribution were for show only. Residents in certain areas become desperate because of the lockdown, suicide occurs frequently.

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