The ” Truth Social ” App in Cooperation with the CCP Plummeted in Traffic

The Truth Social app launched by former U.S. President Donald Trump is currently running badly, according to GETTR. Data shows that the app has only attracted around 1.2 million installations since its launch.

The report mentions that after the launch of Truth Social app, a large number of technical problems caused 93% drop in signups in a month, while traffic to the app also plummeted. According to statistics, installs on the Apple app store this month have fallen to about less than 60,000 per week, and visits to its download page have plummeted to about 90,000 per week.

According to Miles Guo, who revealed earlier in the Grand Live Broadcast, this social media’s partner is affiliated with CCP operative Wu Zheng. In this regard, Miles Guo again warned that any individuals or organisations who believe in the CCP’s promises of investment and work hastily with its associated companies will be deceived by the CCP, and that such cooperation will surely lead to disastrous consequences.

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