Australia Political Factions Remains Tough on the CCP as General Election Approaches

Media reported on March 29 that it is unlikely for political factions to change their tough stance towards Communist China before the general election in Australia.Australian Prime Minister Morrison recently stated that it’s inappropriate to meet with the newly assigned Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador while China continues to freeze the bilateral diplomatic communications.

Professor Goodman, Director of the China Research Center of the University of Sydney, believes that the behaviors of the CCP’s ambassador conveying Xi Jinping’s message to Premier Morrison, could be interpreted as the Prime Minister’s recognition of Australia as a vassal state of the Communist Party of China. Therefore, the meeting between the Prime Minister and the CCP’s Ambassador would bring political risks.

In addition to the federal government’s tough stance on Communist China, the pro-China Labour Party has shown a similar attitude to that of the ruling party. Labor leader Albanese said that he had not met with the CCP’s ambassador or any other officials of the embassy of Communist China. An analyst at Deakin University believes that as Australia’s general election is approaching, an anti-communist atmosphere has been aroused.

Any pro-CCP acts are political debts rather than assets, and party leaders will not take this risk.

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