Canadian Pension Funds Invest in Communist Chinese Companies Linked to Human Rights Abuses – (II)

Payette suggested that public pension funds in Canada investing in communist China should be required to produce more comprehensive due diligence reports to enable the government to oversee their operations, suppliers, and clients. He also noted that some Chinese companies could be invested in without indirectly lending support to the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights violations.

However, more in-depth due diligence studies from specialised firms would be required to identify such companies and avoid these types of risks before investing in the brutal authoritarian regime of communist China. Beyond the specific issue of Canadian pension funds investing in Chinese companies, there is a worrying trend of so-called democratic countries investing in undemocratic countries without fully realising or indeed not even caring about the consequences. Such investments may indirectly support human rights violations and other undemocratic practices, highlighting the need for greater due diligence and oversight by governments and investors alike.

Trudeau’s Canada is well and truly kowtowing to communist China at every level of business, immigration, and governance. Trudeau is a vocal supporter of communism and will do everything he can to help his communist overlords and at the same time increase his and his crime family’s personal wealth.

To say that Trudeau has blood on his hands is not only a huge understatement but also a trivialisation of the true extent of the Trudeau family’s capitulation to a country that actually hates all things Western, all things capitalistic, and all things democratic.

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