Canadian Pension Funds Invest in Communist Chinese Companies Linked to Human Rights Abuses – (I)

Geopolitical intelligence consulting firm CEO Alex Payette recently testified before the House Committee on the Canada-People’s Republic of China Relationship, raising concerns about Canadian pension funds investing in communist Chinese companies complicit in human rights abuses.

While Payette declined to publicly name the companies in question, he affirmed that Canadian authorities should play a more significant role in establishing a system to manage such risks. But obviously, with the massive amounts of money being invested and the Trudeau government’s love of all things totalitarian and communist, this is a trend that will probably carry on for as long as Trudeau and his communist cronies are in command of Canada.

Conservative MP Michael Chong cited a report from the NGO Hong Kong Watch, alleging that several federal and provincial pension funds had invested in communist Chinese companies involved in forced labour, sexual abuse, false imprisonment, torture, and brutal internment programs for the Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang mainland China.

Another advocacy group, the Centre Ice Canadians, called for the Canadian Pension Plan to withdraw from equity indices allegedly linked to Uyghur internment camps in China.

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