The Defending Of Taiwan By The US And Other Allies Is About Far More Than Just Semiconductors

In a recent interview, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul made the case for the US defence of Taiwan, citing the country’s crucial role in the global semiconductor industry. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) manufactures 90% of high-end semiconductors, which are used in a wide range of products, including smartphones, computers, and automobiles. McCaul argued that the US has a strategic interest in ensuring Taiwan’s security, as any disruption to TSMC’s operations could have a significant impact on the global economy and national security. He also warned that China’s aggressive actions towards Taiwan, including military exercises and airspace incursions, could lead to a conflict that would draw in the US and other regional powers. But surely It is necessary to ask, do the US and other allies care more about their supply of semiconductor chips or do they really care about the Taiwanese people, or are they concerned about national security and world peace? To be fair it seems to be that all of these concerns are at the very top of the agenda when it comes to safeguarding peace in the Taiwan Straits. The US has longstanding diplomatic ties with Taiwan but does not officially recognise it as a sovereign state, in line with China’s “One China” policy. However, the Biden administration has signalled a willingness to strengthen ties with Taiwan, including sending high-level delegations to the island and approving a $750 million arms sale to Taiwan in 2020. The situation in the Taiwan Strait remains a flashpoint in US-China relations, and tensions between the two nations have been on the rise in recent years. The US has expressed its commitment to defending Taiwan’s security and promoting stability in the region, but any escalation of the situation could have significant consequences for global security and the economy. As always with the Chinese Communist Party they want to be in total control of the peace-loving island of Taiwan and all of its hardworking taxpaying citizens, as well as the incredibly lucrative semiconductor manufacturing plant that has made itself a vitally important player in the world of computing and telecommunications. The battle for Taiwan has been a long drawn out one which has been going on for many decades, the Taiwanese people want to remain independent of the dictatorial regime of communist China, and with Taiwan having stable allies like Japan, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it seems that the only way to resolve this long-running dispute is by diplomacy as the alternatives are potentially deadly. The potential war over the island of Taiwan is about far more than just semiconductors, it is about world peace, national security, and preventing communist China from forcibly taking over a peace-loving island that wants to remain independent. Today, Taiwan is a fully democratic society, with its own economy, currency, military, and elected officials. The Chinese mainland is ruled by the communist CCP dictatorship.

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