Dr. Peter McCullough’s speech in Covid Vaccines & Effects Tour – Sydney, Australia 2023 – Part 5

Dr. McCullough: Everything we’ve learned about the vaccines has been bad news from the start. Everything, and the papers keep flooding in each day. Dr. McCann has said that and given, I think, a good, very great classification of what’s called vaccine enhanced disease, but these serious adverse events are divided into cardiovascular, neurological, hematological, immunologic problems. Our US FDA agrees that these problems occur. This is not controversial. They agree these problems occur. It’s our job to discern this and it’s our job to make a decision on whether or not we take a vaccine. But these are not rare in safety research we never say the term ‘rare’, because it’s just the tip of the iceberg, there must be so many more cases that are out there that don’t get reported, so we never use the term ‘rare’ and these are not mild. A serious adverse event by definition results in death or hospitalization. Those are always severe. So severe and mild should never be used in these consequences, and let me tell you, as a cardiologist, myocarditis, there is no such thing as myocarditis. The idea of, oh, there’s some mild heart damage. But that’s OK for a child to take that. It’s never OK. We do primary angioplasty, we do all kinds of interventions to always preserve the heart muscle. No child should suffer even the tiniest amount of heart damage. That child needs his or her heart for the rest of their life. And to risk a human heart and damaging a human heart for the sake of a global vaccine program is completely unacceptable.

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