The Chinese Regime Owns A Vast Network of UK Real Estate

According to the foreign report, the Chinese regime is holding a vast network of British real estate through offshore secrecy jurisdictions such as Luxembourg and the Isle of Man. This has sparked public concerns about the Beijing’s control of the ilnks in UK supply chain. The British government is in the process of re-registering property owned through offshore entities, the report said. The disclosures show that the CCP’s investment division owns more than 250 properties in the U.K. through dozens of companies. The properties ultimately point to being owned by China Investment Corporation (CIC), which manages the PRC’s foreign exchange reserves. Land Registry records show that CIC has spent at least £580 million on real estate in the United Kingdom. The true figure could be much higher due to some incomplete records. Although the company is well known as a UK property investor, the size and details of its purchases have remained hidden until now due to the use of a large number of offshore companies. The details exposed by the register also indicate that CIC’s focus was on distribution depots, retail parks, and trading estates, including some projects critical to regional infrastructure. The Chinese regime’s investments in the UK have been a source of concern and division within the government. While some have welcomed the influx of cash into the country, others have expressed security concerns about the role that the CCP and its companies play in strategic assets.

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