Five Greatest Fears Facing Xi Jinping And The CCP

On January 29th Miles Guo revealed in his Grand Live Broadcast that five significant events are going to happen which will send shivers down to the spines of the CCP and Xi Jinping. First, the CCP and Xi Jinping’s greatest fear is the bankruptcy of the Chinese regime. Despite the foreign capital flight resulting from his harsh Zero-Covid policy and weaponization of the supply chain, the latest infighting and purge of political and legal sectors within the party, have accelerated the elites and opponent CCP officials to join the flight. Meanwhile, the U.S. is investigating the origin of the CCP-virus, followed by an initial compensation request to the Chinese regime for up to $20 trillion. Nevertheless, to deter Beijing’s influence in the U.S., as well as its aggression against Taiwan, CCP officials’ assets around the globe will be frozen, including financial institutions, cryptocurrencies such as Tether(USDT), USDC and related to their families. The U.S. will act in conjunction with its allies to prevent the CCP kleptocrats from transferring hidden wealth. Nevertheless, the pandemic and vaccine disaster personally directed and deployed by Xi Jinping has already resulted in more than 29 million deaths in China and this man-made catastrophe is far from over. Those who lost their loved ones will eventually hold the CCP accountable.

 Moreover, the demographic dividend has been destroyed with a population just over half of the 1.4 billion claimed by the CCP. There won’t be enough slaves to sustain the authoritarian regime that relies on exploitation of the people. Last but not least, the U.S. House Speaker McCarthy may visit Taiwan ahead of his schedule, and will include the South China Sea dispute and the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Movement into the discussion of Taiwan relation act.

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